Customer Service Automation

Customer service has become more advanced in the 21st century. Today, it takes several hours for clients to receive answers to their questions. This speed is achieved thanks to customer service automation. If the system is implemented well into the company, it can fix many issues. For example, customer service automation takes off the pressure

Intelligent Created Machine Learning Chatbot

Natural Language Processing is a prerequisite for our project. To process a large amount of data in natural language, AI will need NLP or natural language processing. NLP allows computers and algorithms to understand human interactions through various languages. Chatbots are nothing but applications businesses or other organizations use to have an automated conversation between

What Is NLU

Many people worldwide start their day with the questions: «Alexa, what is the weather?» or «Siri, where are the traffic jams in the city today?». Surprisingly, they get answers to these questions from digital assistants. How do they know the weather in which city and traffic jams on which section of the road users are

NLP Examples

Language is an integral part of our most basic interactions as well as technology. Natural language processing (NLP) lies at the intersection of these phenomena, converting language into a format that both computer systems and humans understand and use. With the rise in artificial intelligence technology, NLP is now enjoying the same popularity. There are


Natural languages ​​differ from formal and artificial ones. Natural language is used and repeated. Planning and strategy are not expected. German, English, Spanish, and other languages have evolved during their use. Main Principles For a machine to be autonomous, the main principle is the ability to communicate in the natural language ​​known to humans. In

NLP Chatbot Python

We live in the age of automation, so many companies shift monotonous work that does not require special skills to various robots. In the field of services and communication, such robots are chatbots. NLP chatbot Python is an algorithm programmed to perform specific actions depending on the user’s request. Some particularly sophisticated bots imitate the

NLP Problems

Neural networks today can speak, write, listen and understand thanks to natural language processing (NLP). It extracts values ​​from messages and structures them. But it is still difficult for us to find a common language with machines. Researchers are working to ensure the computer can carry on a conversation, joke, and puns. Artificial intelligence can

NLP Algorithms

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is considered a branch of machine learning dedicated to recognizing, generating, and processing spoken and written human speech. It is located at the intersection of artificial intelligence and linguistics disciplines. Software engineers develop mechanisms that allow computers and people to interact using natural language. Computers can read, interpret, understand human language,

AI In Customer Service

Service automation is at its fastest pace, providing users with the much-needed tools to carry out their daily tasks. Thanks to advanced systems based on automated solutions, users can now make restaurant reservations, order food and movie tickets, book a hotel room, and make clinic appointments. The customer service industry is gaining momentum, primarily due