Chatbot Dataset

Chatbots are artificial intelligence software that simulates natural language conversations with users through social interaction channels such as messengers, websites, mobile apps, or phones. Since chatbots answer questions and communicate with customers, it becomes essential to use the correct information to train the chatbot dataset. Why data is vital to building your chabot Data is

Healthcare Chatbot

In 2022, the healthcare industry has become the most vital to survival. With the pandemic outbreak, millions of people are always looking for easy and quick access to health information. The sector needs advanced and experienced tools to keep up with the demand. Thanks to medical chatbots, patients may contact medical practitioners if necessary, even

Chatbot Use Cases

Are you planning to create a chatbot for your company or want to learn more about them? Then you are in the right place. This blog will tell you everything you want to know about chatbot use cases. A chatbot is a computer program that mimics a human conversation or «chatter» through text or voice

Ecommerce Chatbot

The eCommerce market has been expanding rapidly in recent years. With the growth of user demand, it became necessary to keep the flow of services around the clock. Meeting clients’ growing needs is one of the most critical trends in the virtual trade market. When organizations realized it was challenging to meet all customers’ requirements

Sentiment Analysis NLP

There are 500 million tweets every day and 800 million active users on Instagram monthly; about 90 percent of such auditory are younger than 35. Visitors write 2.8 million Reddit comments per day, and 68% of Americans regularly use Facebook. A considerable amount of information occurs every second, and it becomes difficult to extract valuable

Symbolic Artificial Intelligence

Computers are suitable for working with symbols. Developers knew about this fact at the dawn of artificial intelligence. In the 1950s, scientists tried to compare their intuitions about solving the problem with symbols and algorithms available on emerging first computers. Such a comparison has led to unprecedented success, including the ability to prove mathematical theories

What Is A Chatbot

Surely you have noticed that the use of chatbots has been increasing recently. More and more companies use them to automate different spheres of the visitor experience. By reducing the number of service and live agents, entrepreneurs save significant amounts and make their business more efficient. Let’s talk about what is a chatbot and how

Semantics NLP

Natural language processing (NLP) is a critical branch of artificial intelligence. NLP facilitates the communication between humans and computers. However, it’s sometimes difficult to teach the machine to understand the meaning of a sentence or text. That’s when semantic analysis is supposed to help. Keep reading the article to learn why semantic NLP is so

What Is Machine Learning?

Everyone has probably heard about machine learning. But what exactly does the term mean, and what does the process imply? Machine learning is a data analysis method that automates analytical model building. It’s an artificial intelligence branch based on the concept that machines can learn from data and identify patterns. This article focuses on the