Chatbot For Education

Chatbot For Education

All students have various paces of learning and understanding, which has always been a problem for educational institutions. In choosing between meeting the expectations of students, parents, and teachers, the education sector is compromising by thinking about students’ learning experiences. There is a universal solution to all the troubles — the use of bots in educational processes.

Chatbot for education brilliantly changes the way schools interact with their students. They work to make it easier for students to learn and to cover all the activities they do while studying.

Ways you can use educational chatbots

We have compiled several industry-specific educational chatbot applications among the many use cases. Institutions that need help with any of the following use cases can deploy chatbots with excellent results:

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  • Virtual individual learning: AI-powered chatbots give personal attention to students and their learning habits. They may keep a close eye on the teaching and content consumption pattern and, based on that, can help learners excel in their streams.
  • Student engagement: in the context of virtual learning, as happened during the pandemic, student engagement has dropped to a minimum. Student-teacher and student-student interaction faded into the background. Teachers go out of their options to ensure students learn and understand subjects. Students can take advantage of their help during and after class and ensure they don’t compromise on learning through the virtual platform.
  • Student support: global e-learning is expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.1% by 2026. People often choose corporate training and courses, so they don’t need to be distracted from work and family to upgrade their skills. Such growth requires educational institutions to have a strong student support strategy. Student requests before, during, and after the course must be prioritized and resolved instantly. The bot also acts as a campus guide and helps students when they arrive on campus.
  • Teacher assistant: school staff, especially teachers, are overwhelmed and overworked, working after hours to provide their students with an excellent learning experience. Teachers perform repetitive and mundane tasks, including tracking student attendance, grading tests, or submitting assignments to students. Repetitive tasks can be easily done with chatbots as teacher assistants.
  • Data warehouse: bots act as a data collection tool and a data dissemination tool in the education industry. Students may upload all their data to get the results they want. At the same time, teachers can use them to send lessons and other important information to all their students.

Modern, technology-based methods provide fast and complete access to information. It contributes to better decision-making and action. With the design and architecture of chatbots for education based on datasets, protocols, and rules, students access courses and information they need anytime.

Chatbot For Education

How to build an education chatbot?

You may easily create an educational bot for your school or university. First, you need to go through the bot wizard to make the initial setup. Here you may choose the name and category of your bot, customize the greeting paths, and customize its appearance.

You will also be able to set up a chat to relay difficult questions to live agents.

But here’s the magic: you don’t have to build your bot from scratch. You may choose an educational chatbot template and build on it.

You may customize your bot flows to suit your institution and students.

The most common chatbot templates:

  • Course selection chatbot is a bot template that allows prospective students to view an institution’s various courses. The bot also provides detailed information about course fees, duration, and how to enroll. Such a chatbot for education also collects data about interested students and sends it to the team via email.
  • A school chatbot is a bot template that provides information about opportunities, accolades, and the admission process to an educational institution.
  • The University college chatbot is a pre-registration bot template. You can integrate a chatbot with CRM and send user leads directly into the process.
  • Course enrollment chatbot is a bot template that allows users to enroll in a specific course and classes based on their preferences. The template is interactive with videos, images, and emails sent to the bot builder whenever a new lead is generated.
  • Sex education bot. Sex education is taught in schools on topics ranging from abstinence and reproduction to sexual orientation and sexually transmitted diseases. Chatbot helps educate students about safe sex.

As chatbot technology advances, so make bot applications in education. There are countless use cases being implemented in education.

Traditionally, the education sector has been a little slower than others to adapt to new technologies. Still, administrators and institutions that recognize the value of chatbot for education will find a cost-effective and easy way to reach more students and streamline processes.