AI Customer Service


Customer service should always be the focus of any business. Satisfying the needs of existing customers brings a much greater return to the business than constantly looking for new customers. The continuous development of technology gives companies additional tools and resources to interact with customers, improve work, and improve the result. Nowadays, AI is becoming more widespread, and AI customer service with its help is becoming an easy and efficient process. 

When customer service becomes customer problems

Depending on the activities and scale of the company, technical support can receive from several hundred to several thousand requests daily. As a rule, the larger the organization, the longer the message will take to reach the final executor through several stages of sorting. If we analyze how much time a customer support employee spends on routine operations, it turns out it is much more than directly solving the issue. And new employees are not always able to determine precisely who should forward the request, which negatively affects the entire process of processing the message. Some companies choose the simplest but costly way to solve such problems:

  • expanding the support staff;
  • making people work at night;
  • wasting money on unnecessary outsourcing.

It does not negate other errors associated with the human factor. In the conditions of economic uncertainty some market players are now forced to cope with, additional personnel costs are unacceptable. In this case, the choice in favor of optimizing and automating processes using IT products based on machine learning turns out to be more reasonable to AI customer service.

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Virtual Assistant — what is it?

Users call the call center to resolve a particular problem, to get an answer to their questions. Most often, such questions are pretty similar, which led to creating a voice menu. But we live in an age of innovation, so it is not surprising that such technology develops and improves. Today, companies are actively using the power of artificial intelligence to recognize the question and find the correct answer to them. This approach preserves the automation in the work of the call center (which significantly affects the speed of work and its efficiency), but, in addition, it adds a personal touch, which is essential to each client. Artificial intelligence has a big influence on the workflow of the company: 

  • It increasingly helps companies to improve customer experience.
  • It improves customer flow.
  • The AI enhances brand reputation.

Moreover, it empowers employees to take on more complex and essential tasks.

Unique features

The use of bots capable of solving many tasks as assistants in customer service changes the relationship between companies and their customers. Companies get significant perks from using artificial intelligence bots:

  • They are involved in solving various problems, finding bugs, or collaborating with potential customers. 
  • Chat robots help many people around the clock, while the need of a human worker disappears.
  • AI-enabled chatbots are increasingly used at the initial stage of interaction with the client, allowing you to determine each person’s needs immediately.

Such technologies help to understand what the client’s problem is and make sure the appropriate specialists are solving it.

What are the benefits of AI chatbots?

AI-enabled bots actively initiate conversations with customers, provide relevant information, and assist at every workflow step. AI chatbots offer such benefits:

  • Consumers get the answers they necessitate when they need help. The need to wait for an employee to become available is eliminated, significantly reducing the time to resolve the problem and satisfy the client.
  • Another feature of chatbots is that they quickly transfer a request to an AI customer service specialist if the work requires the participation of a natural person.
  • It improves productivity and allows human workers to deal with more complex cases instead of wasting time on standard questions such as package tracking information, store opening hours, or return policies.
  • The fact that customers can get their questions answered without the necessity for a human employee is advantageous because it saves the customer time.

On the other hand, it allows customers to have a positive and hassle-free experience with the company or brand. In addition, chatbots are increasingly being used to replace customer support staff as they can provide consistent, always positive interaction and 24/7 support. The relatively low cost of introducing and using chatbots compared to customer support makes them attractive to many companies.

AI Advantages

The list of the main benefits of AI which can affect customers:

  • Round-the-clock service. Chatbots can work 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, which allows them to serve their customers even while sleeping or performing other tasks.
  • Instant response. Today’s consumers want immediate results and opt for businesses which respond quickly. In one study of user experience when using a chatbot, it was found 40% of consumers do not care if a person or a chatbot answers their questions.
  • Easy access. Chatbots are easily accessible to users who are increasingly moving away from traditional phone calls and want everything to be accessible from their mobile phones.
  • You get guaranteed 24/7 support. In the case of human help, 24/7 availability is only possible if the company has implemented night shifts for agents. It may be convenient for users but not all agents — not everyone wants to work at night.
  • Routine operations will be automated. Artificial intelligence is poised to make tremendous growth in computing, but user support companies need to have contact with people still.

However, there are services, the demand of which grows at night. One example of such businesses is gaming services — the vast majority of players play in the casino after work, often at night, and the issues which have arisen usually require an immediate solution.

AI Forecasts 

AI technologies enable large amounts of data, such as:

  • the last known login device;
  • location;
  • what the client is looking for;
  • on what platforms the client spends time. 

It means that there will be a shift towards more targeted marketing strategies that address the needs of specific users based on their behavior and browsing history, rather than the false assumptions of classical demographics alone. Today, the use of chatbots offers a glimpse into the future of AI customer service.

Artificial intelligence will be widely used in the next 5-10 years. You have probably heard predictions which cloud, mobile, and video technologies are a big trend in IT. We want to add artificial intelligence to this list. Over the next 5–10 years, there are forecasts AI improves the quality of consumer management and raises the bar for AI customer service at times.


Today no customer would not care how they treat him. Everyone wants to receive quality service and assistance in case of a problem. At this stage of interaction, the proper attitude towards customers and the face of the company are manifested. Businesses that are not indifferent to their business and customers sooner or later start looking for solutions that automate processes that are hidden from view but affect the maintenance of a good relationship on the part of customers.Customer requests are essential, and quality request processing plays a crucial role in the interaction. Suppose at least one of the stages of the technical support work fails, or it takes longer than the client expected. In that case, this will negatively affect his experience of communicating with the company, and he will prefer a competitor next time. In some business sectors, such as e-commerce and retail, companies can no longer scatter customers and ignore their feedback on the operation of services. Therefore, it is essential to organize technical support so that the employees of the organization cope with the flow of requests and customers receive the necessary attention and genuine care.